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Our Mission
Planet 2030 Ltd creates solutions to environmental challenges by building international partnerships.
All of the solutions to shift mankind to a new green paradigm exist today - our mission is to grow awareness of these solutions and to catalyse their use worldwide.

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Our services
We offer project-based services to meet the needs of our clients. Generally these are split into the categories below, however, we are always ready for new projects which fit our expertise.
Research & Consultancy
Markets for sustainable products are emerging rapidly. In-house research can be time-intensive and in many cases, material is not publically available. Planet 2030 has led projects for market research, feasibility studies the primary data collection. Specialising in new construction methods, building performance and market entry for sustainable construction products. Acting as an intermediary and project manager, companies from the Russian-speaking world have been able to carry out design reviews of construction or R&D projects, accessing experts globally via weekly teleconferences. Clients have included PIK Group, Severstal, Brusnika and others.
Providing expert advice regarding sustainability strategies to investors and developers. Assisting in the formulation of strategies and creating virtual teams at the best value. This is particularly valuable for competitions and tenders, where sustainability is a priority. International expertise is highly sought

after in Russia and the Russian-speaking countries, providing reassurance and guidance. Depending on the type of project, a team of international experts can be brought quickly to a project.
Public Speaker
Events either face to face or online are an important marketing communications tool and way to engage with other key stakeholders. As the ESG debate grows daily, it is important to have access to knowledgeable and high caliber speakers. Guy Eames has experience moderating at high level events,

such as the Global Impact Conference, Moscow Urban Forum and many others. As a speaker, Guy has given masterclasses and motivational presentations to MBA students at the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Presented in froint of hundreds of volunteers at the "Mi-Vmeste" Corporate Volunteer Festival in 2021. Clients include NorNickel, Rosatom and Severstal.
Training Courses
Today there is a real thirst for knowledge about sustainable solutions, which are appearing and advancing rapidly. The move to online and "blended" education has provided new opportunities and challenges. Director Guy Eames has over 10 years of experience in designing and implementing training courses on behalf of various organisations. Clients include the BRE Academy, the USGBC, Russian Olympic Delivery Authority (Olympstroy), and the Russian Green Building Council.
Customised Tours
Seeing and feeling is believing! Our intensive customised tour programmes build up a new picture and understanding for those considering new sustainability strategies - as well as forming new partnerships and contacts. Clients include developers like Ingka & Brusnika, manufacturers such as Ursa Insulation, and investors. Destinations included the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany. Tours can be in Russian or English language.
Adapting Sustainability Tools
The transition from "business as usual" to more sustainable models requires a plan and the correct tools. We specialise in localisation of these tools and trialing them in respective markets. We have worked with Bioregional's "One Planet Living" tool, as well as various products from the BRE.


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Our partners

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